Amsden’s Update



Things are finally starting to change a little at the "lot". The excavators dug for the new footings and the new basement on June 16 and 17th.  The masons were suppose to start work pouring the footings on June 18th but Mother Nature did not cooperate. The Masons are finally done, June 30th and the carpenter is also here putting down a new subfloor upstairs and starting to frame up the walls.  His goal is to be done with the walls before we leave for Florida so we can be sure the walls, windows and doors are where we really want them.

We’ve finally decided on the look for the front – Jim is winning the battle to include a half round window in the living room and another window in Thomas’ room -- I’m winning on including a transom above the front door and a wider window in my basement sewing room.

  We've decided to go ahead with the Florida vacation we had planned before the tornado.  We really feel the boys need to go somewhere where there is still some type of "normal".  We'll be at my Grandmother's house in Sarasota, Florida, July 8 through the 14.  We're planning to go to Animal Kingdom, the beach and see the Manatee.  The boys are looking forward to seeing the ocean and picking oranges and grapefruit off the trees in Great-Grandma's backyard.