September 21, 1998

Itís really starting to look like a house we could move into soon! Only 6 more weeks to go. The siding should be done this week and we actually have a garage door now! If only I could get the landscaper here to do the retaining wall before "sometime in November" Iíll be super excited!

Iím really glad we changed our sun porch into a fully heated room and added the basement room underneath. Next week theyíll build the deck off the back so we can sit there and soak up the afternoon sun this fall! The fireplace should help counteract all those windows during the Minnesota winter!

Hereís Ed doing the mudding and taping on the dormer vault in the living room. Right now weíre just waiting for him to finish upstairs so the painters and finish carpentry can begin (October 2nd?). Heíll move downstairs and try to get that done before the others are done upstairs. Heís an excellent mudder so Iím really looking forward to not seeing all those dips and things we had in the "old" walls.   Weíre still shooting for a November 2nd move in date! Wish us luck!
(Itís hard to believe itís only been 6 months since the tornado!)